Meet The Pack!



Nikki is a fabulous female Siberian who stole our hearts from the word "mush!" She came to us branded as abandoned and abused. The story goes she was tied to a boiler in the basement and the people moved out, leaving her there. Also said to be aggressive-Nikki proves you can’t believe everything you hear. She has never given us one iota of trouble!  (Well, there was that time she took herself for a stroll in a snowstorm -but hey- what Husky hasn't?)  As she has hung around The University, she has become a huge asset to the rehabilitation program and is the calm, assertive Pack Leader.  Older now, infact our oldest at around twelve she can get a bit crochety when she’s not in the mood, but still she knows just the right amount of correction to give to dogs who are struggling with anxious energy.  Chatty and hilarious with her Zoomy Zoomy Zooms, we can't imagine life without her! 


 Thunder  Puppy University incorporates it’s own Pack of dogs into our training  program to subsidize behavior modification and socialization skills  amongst our students.     A Balanced Pack, under the careful eye and  supervision of a caring Leader, can often provide the foundation and  educate the most unruly of dogs as to the proper way of behaving.   Dealing with dog aggression,  fear, nervous energy,    polite interaction, and more-  this natural form of rehabilitation  experience carries over to the every day living with their human  counterparts.

This distinctive Thunder Puppy Pack has already  helped rescue and retrain multitudes of their canine friends, and they  certainly don’t mind the work! The Pack is walked, taught, and treated  to a fun and games play group on a daily basis, and often serve  individually, or in sets, as positive role models in Class or at Private  Sessions. Their greatest work is attributed to students in the Stay and  Train program, sharing stability and unity, and restoring peace of  mind.
*None of these dogs are available for adoption. To see adoptable dogs please visit



"Hey Lasssie!  Did  you know Timmy is in the well?  No?  Well, let me just make an  Incredible Journey with my Iron Will and go get him out for you, okay?"  ~Wyatt

We  call Wyatt our Disney dog because he is so full of life, so willing to  embark on any adventure, gets along with most everybody, is pretty darn  smart, and goes anywhere with his human.  He came from a neglectful  situation out of state, where a wonderful angel named Stacy rescued him  and drove him to us.  It was our lucky day.  He was just a 9 month old  pup and full of 'The Dickens', but after attending The University for  awhile it was clear he was meant to stay.  Now he enjoys a well-balanced  life of work (he's a pack therapist), play, and a safe home environment  to call his own.  Dogs like Wyatt are few and far between- he's a  treasured member of the Thunder Puppy Pack.


Pack Mascot/Class Clown

Thunder  is what they call a Native American Indian Dog (NAID). One of the most  majestic canines ever, he has an incredibly engaging Spirit. Many of  those who’ve met him agree that he is indeed a Sacred Animal. Super  sweet and sensitive, he weighs over one hundred pounds and stands 6 feet  tall on his hindquarters.

He is remarkably well socialized with  other dogs and wants nothing more than to romp and play- even with the  little guys. He has a great sense of humor, is silly on many levels, and  is simply amazing to watch run, or listen to- when you inspire him to  “sing”.

He loves balls and toys, and desires lots of activity to  amuse himself and/or be entertained. He relishes his time with K9’s  and/or humans alike. While he needs calm Leadership, patience, and  affection to maintain and improve his training, this incredible dog is  well worth it!


Ruska  (Roo-skah) means 'the time of autumn when the colors change' but it  really should mean SPITFIRE.  Our  little girl has a HUGE personality  and we just love every inch.  Our nickname for her is Crazy Paws because of how adorable she is with her 'helicopter' jumps and  spins, how she scrunches into the earth to get momentum and how remarkably FAST she is. 

She essentially got kicked out of Utah where unfortunately, she got herself in a bit of trouble. She was saved from the shelter by Arctic Rescue, and Ann and her friend Inki drove (like mad women) to Provo and picked her up.

 Well,  that was at the end of 2012 and we didn't know it then, but she was  with us to stay.  She fits in perfectly and is able to provide guidance  to dogs in training that are of the High Energy variety,  She loves her  Pack Mates and entertains her human every single day.  Great things do  come in small packages!  



Born  the summer of 2009,  we've actually known RockStar since he was but a  wee pup. We met through the University's training program, but unfortunately  in 2012,  he was surrendered by his owners due to a lifestyle conflict.  

Like any good rock star, our boy has lived a party lifestyle, only to settle down in his (now) senior years.  Those outrageous days are not without consequence!

He  won the public's heart when one  night he accidentally 'overdosed' on some of his bedding and had to have life  saving  surgery.  Two feet of intestine removed!  That didn't really phase him in the long run, but in 2016 he started to develop glaucoma in his left eye.  Originally we were told the eye would have to be removed, yet we opted for more holistic treatment and to date, although cloudy, the eye is not painful or protruding. We're still trying to get him to wear his skull and crossbones patch- Bark Out Loud! 

 He is an all around fantastic dog  who is so very smart and willing  to please.  He is a great playmate for all the dogs who come to  Stay-n-Train, loves his Pack and Human, and is a  good example in the home environment.  We are very proud of -and happy  for- this gregarious guy. What was once a diamond in the rough is now a  precious gem. 


Each of these fabulous dogs are Permanent Pack Members and are NOT available for adoption.  Visit for dogs looking for homes.

However, because they are ALL phenomenal creatures and such top-notch employees of both Thunder Puppy University and our non-profit they obviously deserve the best.  Keeping a Pack groomed, vaccinated, fed, entertained and 'clothed' can be a little pricey.  So, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. We've made it easy to sponsor a dog-  just click their blue button here and off you go to our PayPal!  Mention the dog's name again, and we will do our best to acknowledge you on our rescue's facebook with a note of thanks from your sponsee!   (Larger donations just may receive gifts of appreciation).  Anyway, that's how it works.  The THUNDER PUPPIES say :                                      "Thank Whooooo!" 


Meet  AbraCadabRa! -the Spellbound Sled Dog!   Now you see her, now you  don’t!  Thunder Puppy took in Abby and 8 of her teammates in 2011 from a sled dog operation in Eagle County who fell on some really rough times. After an ordeal where she escaped in strange territory and ultimately returned after 3 days 'on the run", it was decided she would stay with us forever.  

An extremely special  girl, it has taken a lot of sensitivity and patience to understand the sled  dog personality and a willingness to help her transition into a loving   home environment.   We have done our best to acclimate  her to a different lifestyle 'off the post and platform', and it took a total commitment to her so  she could  feel  safe and secure,  getting into the routine  of domestic life.
The Pack has been her best teacher.  Even though she lives on the campus of The University, Abby herself has never 'graduated'.  We've never asked anything of her other than to just enjoy her life and be a dog. 

Sleek, speedy and  “sexy”,  Abby is amazing to watch run in a large   area,  flirts with  the boys in The Pack, and (other than her 'hoarding habit' -haha!) she has  become a extremely lovable house pet.  It is so rewarding to see how  much her life has improved and witness her true personality shining through. 


SPROCKET.  Her name should be a verb. "I want to sprocket all day long."  This amazing girl came to us after being surrendered to the local shelter and subsequently returned and/or abandoned SEVEN TIMES IN EIGHT MONTHS!  She was accused of all kinds of unadoptable behavior by the people who thought they had to have her.  The truth?  She's just too smart for the average human. This girl can open gates and doors, is highly acrobatic, knows what she wants and knows how to get it; she don't need no stinking thumbs!  

She lucked out (and so did we) that our favorite shelter behaviorist knew exactly where she belonged.  Here since just after New Year's 2017, Sprocket has become the House Manager and the trainer's right paw canine. She loves training the puppies that come into Stay-N-Train, and although a bit awkward socially with the boys, she does her best to win their hearts.  

Curious (bordering on nosey- ha!) intelligent, funny as heck- this dog entertains us hourly with her antics. When she's not sorting our laundry, she can be found playing fetch or self-entertaining with an ice cube.  She gets more likes on social media than any self-respecting dog should. We love this "unadoptable" dog despite her challenging behavior and have selfishly decided to keep her until end days.  Welcome home to stay, Sprocket.


Oh, how we love our Seff!  Are you seeing a theme hear?  Haha!  His name means "little wolf" and is as unique as he is. We have never seen such beautiful and different markings on a Siberian Husky.  Seff is our youngest and latest addition, arriving to us in July of 2017 at the sweet age of 8 months old.  The poor kid had already found trouble- that we believe was completely preventable. (*training note, it often is!)  Anyway, the nature of his crime made it impossible for a governmental agency to place him in a home themselves, so we jumped at the opportunity.  Well, he has the sweetest disposition, the cutest face, the most happy-go-lucky personality-and maybe most importantly- Sprocket loved him immediately. The best things come in pairs!  Who doesn't love a puppy? 

 Seff gets along with all dogs and has already done his internship as a Pack Therapist.  He is an excellent house pet as well as a supplement to the training program.  Allowed to 'just be a dog' for awhile when they arrive on campus, Seff is looking forward to brushing up his basic obedience and all the other things a young adolecent needs to learn.  Meanwhile, he is just a blast to watch play and has a subtle sense of humor that is a joy to look for and see.  You'll be hearing more  from him as we take this entire well-rounded and balanced Pack into the future!