Meet The Trainer!


 Ann  McDonald is the Canine Psychologist and Professional Trainer  for Thunder Puppy University, LLC.   She has years of experience and  unlimited resources involving dog training and canine conduct, behavior  modification, basic and advanced obedience and is a Certified Evaluator  for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship  program.

Her  humble beginnings sprouted from often difficult, but ultimately  rewarding shelter work- meeting the animal’s every day needs, performing  the Humane Society’s temperament analysis for re homing displaced dogs,  environmental enhancement, and adoption counseling. This experience led  Ann to realize that, with the proper guidance for both canine and  human, many of those dogs should have been, or presently could be  helped. A new and final career was born, quickly seeing Ann as  successful dog trainer, behavior analyst and Canine Psychologist,  working with a variety of local and national kennels, rescues, and  training institutions. 


 Today,  specializing in dominant breeds- but working with all dogs alike, there  has rarely been a dog she has found to be unreachable, regardless of  the aggression, dominance, or simply put- “bad behavior” they have been  known to, or are currently exhibiting.  More often than not, it is the  human in the situation who has been innocently taking the wrong  approach. Ann is qualified and willing to educate and inform you as to  the proper and humane way of dealing with such problems.  


 Many  of Ann’s clients have come to her ‘as a last resort’, when other  organizations and reputable trainers have told the dog’s owner that they  should give up on, or get rid of, their beloved pet- only to ultimately  realize the true value of the animal/human connection and achieve  success on a very personal level.

Inspired and motivated by the  basic principles and practices of the dog whisperer, Ann has come to  discover that most problems are based in, and cured by, Nature and Dog  Psychology. She respects that every dog and it’s owner deserves  and needs special consideration, and is always open to alternative  methods of rehabilitation based on the individuals and prescribed by the  current situation.