Who Is Thunder Puppy?



Thunder  Puppy  is  people training for dogs, a canine rehabilitation (Thunder Puppy University) , and  adoption organization (Thunder Puppy K9 Rehabilitation and Rehoming: www.thunderpuppy.org) located in beautiful Colorado. We strive not only to build a better loving relationship between human and dog, but also to  save the lives of those dogs that have been misplaced, misunderstood,  and given up on.   We are the only dog training institute in our state  to offer PACK THERAPY; a group of rescued canines paying it forward to help  troubled animals return to balance and have a second chance at quality of life.

Thunder  Puppy University has trained literally hundreds of dogs and their people over the past decade. In addition, working mostly (but certainly  not exclusively) with Siberian Huskies, Sled Dogs, and Alaskan  Malamutes, we have rehabilitated and rehomed over 100  dogs since 2009. We believe in nothing less than treating each animal as an  individual with the utmost respect and love.

Classes, Home Visits and MORE!


Not everyone is the same and that goes for dogs too.  That's why we have a varied curriculum at The University.  Check out our At Your Service! page and see what all the bark is about!

Established and Operating Since 2009


You want to put your trust into people who not only have the passion for what they do, but the experience to back it up. We know there are a lot of dog trainers out there.  We also realize we may not be for everybody.  But if you are looking for a common sense education; a fun experience with fast, positive results- Thunder Puppy just may be your bowl of kibble!