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Absolutely the BEST education for a growing  relationship with your dog!  

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Trouble In Paradise?



Absolutely LOVE your dog, but not necessarily some of his or her behavior?  If you’re anything like us, you want to have an incredible connection with your dogs. You love them like a member of the family.  But as with

any relationship, sometimes

a problem may arise.  

How do we talk to our dogs 

in a language they understand?  

Where do we get the skills necessary to correct what has gone awry? Thunder Puppy University provides the absolute BEST education for a growing relationship with your dog!  Whatever issue you and your canine soulmate may be having-OR IF YOU JUST WANT TO HAVE MORE FUN TOGETHER- we can help!  

A Lifetime of Experience


  Our trainer has been communicating with dogs since before she could ride a two-wheeler. As Ann grew up she just naturally gravitated towards dogs. When she learned to read, she read about dogs. When she visited friends, she played with their dogs. Her mother was heard saying: "If it doesn't bark, she doesn't know about it". Haha! Anyway, Ann knows about dogs. Enough said?

Our Guarantee


To better the lives of dogs by educating their guardians in canine  psychology; to rectify behavior problems through only positive means, to  maintain a safe, enhanced, and stimulating learning environment,  provide individualized assistance in order to reach your goals, and to  treat each and every dog as a treasured member of our own family.

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